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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  October 26, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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americans. real estate you know it can be a top cut throat business, new trend some say may take thing little too far. new ipad goes zipping off shelves why is apple stock falling. >> big nasty and intimidating even from space, what could be the most powerful october storm in generations is not even hit land yet. and sandy is already being called historic. take a look at some video from florida, this is what shoreline streets look like right now and the storm is well offshore and while a little street flooding is a nuisance, serious and probably lethal problems are expected farther north. that storm is expected to blow inland reeking havoc from the carolinas through new england. it will ignite with a
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nor'easter, we get a feel for why they're calling it frank enstorm. bo knee that is on cody island right now. >> right now officials are urging people not to panic. by the same token to take these precautions and warnings seriously. >> we have concerns about the intensity of the storm. what the wind levels are going to be, we have concerns of some of the effects of the storm. mostly i think the possibility of flooding and low-lying areas. >> this storm is expected to move north along the east coast then west toward the border sometimes late monday. it will combine with a winter storm to create what's known as super storm. state of emergency have been
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declared in several states and nation's capitol and sure communities are reinforcing beaches and emptying inland lakes ahead. hard wear stores like this one have been busy, they open up. northeast residents remember hurricane irene in 2011 which caused almost $16 billion in damage. james wald lost his apartment in that storm and he doesn't want to go through that again. >> irene, of course that's a lot of money. we're in a new place and we're trying to make sure that everything works. >> with 64 million people expected to be effected by the storm he's not alone. so far there have been no evacuations throughout the area. of course that is always a precaution and something that may happen, ken, back to you. >> thank you, bo knee that. for a closer look at sandy's path. paul deanna with the pig maps. >> i'll tell you what, this is a big storm which needs a big
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map. it is a monster storm which caused problems all the way from jamaica, cuba, now moving its way up the eastern seaboard. rain goes all the way up towards the outer banks of north carolina, that's not where the biggest concern is going to be. where the biggest concern is going to be up in the mid atlantic. we look at the storm and how it migrates to the north, watch what happens to this forecast track, staying offshore for the next couple of days. by the top of next week making land fall likely somewhere between washington, d.c. and hartford connecticut. that includes the big cities of baltimore, new york city, philadelphia, highly populated new jersey somewhere in there will be dealing with likely 40 to 70-mile per hour wind gust at a minimum. that means widely -- slow moving storm. widespread rain fall of half a foot to a foot of rain. that's going to cause big problems. all of this will likely happen
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at lunar high tide. that's a big problem from beach erosion tide with the full moon are higher than normal now you've got all this water slamming. bottom like big problems the top of next week for much of the east coast due to hurricane sandy. >> investigators are waiting to talk to new york nanny accused of killing two children. she's in a medically induced coma after slitting her own risk when the mother of the kids came home to grew some discovery. sharon chen with people who knew the family that once lived in the bay area. >> lauren reed lived next door to the family in the valley before they moved to new york two years ago. she can't believe two of the three children are gone. >> they were always little kiddied pool out in the backyard. i can't imagine. >> marina discovered 6-year-old
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and two-year-old stabbed to death in the family's bathtub thursday night. the nanny next to them. she was wheeled away in a stretcher. police say she tried to slit her own wrist and neck. >> it's terrifying. >> police escorted daughter away under a sheet. they had just gotten back from a swimming lesson. a digital media executive was just returning from a business in san francisco where he used to work for yahoo. nannies and mothers we talked to she committed the ultimate betrayal. >> i really feel like part of the family. the things that you can do that not only to a child but a child that you've been entrusted with. it's awful. >> and hear something like this and makes me rethink everything. >> detectives say so far they have no motive for the killing. they're looking at whether ortega got psychiatric help. the u.s. citizen originally from the dominican republic had
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worked for them 2 years. the crime shaken up, the former neighbor. >> it's your nanny, someone that you have a relationship with. it's very scary. >> kerry -- she ran bay area business town an country resources. she advises people parents to do background checks an afterward continue to mop tore through asking questions of people through know her. >> how as she been. as she complained about the position. have you ever gotten the sense she's not happy in the position. >> back in manhattan, investigators have not filed any charges in the case yet. they have questioned the nanny because she's still breathing through a tube. detectives are calling two teens evil in their -- and their crime despicable. they're accused of murdering her woman where a teen is distant relative. deputies believe the suspects offered to do yard work and
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then came up behind the victim and choked her until she passed out. >> started making noises. she was not dead at that point and the two of them together they strangled her to death. this is what nightmares are made of of what these two after murder investigators say the teens went to lunch but then came back to set the body on fire to cover up their tracks. the teens were going after guns, jewelry, anything else they could sell for cash. a man is under a i rest in connection to a string of robberies one. accused of setting fire to chapel and over the summer then late last month police say he torched the law office of the mayor davis. no word -- but a source tells
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cbs5 he was unhappy with some legal work he had done for his family an online web site that helps home buyers get the inside scoop on potential property may be the leasing information that's considered too private for the public eye. linda yi say some say it's almost predatory. >> real estate agent san na is showing a buyer an oakland home now in foreclosure. but they can now find out about these distressed deals before the bank takes the home. the new feature gives details about the home headed for foreclosure. this homeowner has been served a notice of default. but the home is not yet on the market. >> to have that put in a public place for everyone to see, it's so humiliating and so embarrassing. >> there are pictures of the home and the address. >> this is like anybody your
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neighbor could see it. your personal financial situationing right all over the places. >> this map shows all the properties available. the blue homes indicate the one the bargain hunter can pounce on. home buyer beth hood isn't sold on that idea. >> that almost seems predatory in a way. >> but the sight says they're doing a free service for housing market with so imvenator which drives prices up. says all of the information on foreclosed homes are homes that are about to be foreclosed on. all they're trying to do is make that information accessible to the average beyer. they argue she was doing a disservice, despite how much home it was worth. your mad can't afford it and could soon lose it. in oakland. >> the ipad minny appears to be at least on day 1, preorders
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started at midnight the white version sold out in about 20 minutes. shipping has been pushed back another 2 weeks. if you want to get your hand on one regardless of the color, black version is still available available. apple shares did not do too well for the first time in 3 months. stocks dropped below $600. shares fell as low as $591 today slightly to have close at 604. decline comes after a warning thoughts of making new profits in holiday quarter. >> i'm wanterring why smoking is allowed in the park much less marijuana spoking. >> they do it in the morning and then again after school. why police may have hard time of smoking pot in a hike mood private. >> why that may still you withinnerring what you're
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sitting on.
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pot in a neighborhood park. but in san mateo - neighbory the situation is simply outf control. for one - the park sits very close to hillsdale high sch. and as cbs 5 reporter len ramirez explains, police mae powerless to do anything abt it. teenagers walking to and frm school in san mateo. what se
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your couch will come with a label, about toxic where are you sitting right now? in a couple of days your couch will come with a warning label about toxic chemicals. but at cbs5 reporter julie watts found out what exactly is in your couch is still a mystery. >> we're used to seeing them on cigarettes and alcohol and even led paint. hot off the presses warning labels are coming to a furniture store near you. >> do you have any idea what chemicals are say this chair. >> no, neither do the people who sell it to me. >> tom georgie says that's the problem. state of california has added one flame retardant.
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no one seems to know which are in which sofa so they're all getting a warning label. what they do know if it was purchased in california it contains pounds of chemical flame retardant. >> supposed to withstand the 12 second open flame. >> scientists donald lucas explains that's the 40-year-old requirement of tv117 but it only applies to the foam inside the furniture which is why manufactures douse with chemicals. actual fire, it's the fabric that -- the chemicals have little effect accept to produce toxic smoke. because the flame retardant mai great and settle. studies have found high levels of the toxic in breast milk an babies as well. >> it does slow brain development. >> state senator is relieved to revise flameble standard finally in the works that may
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eventually eliminate these chemicals from couches. tom says he's also relieved. >> if my customers are considered i'm concerned. >> now the vision california is expected by next summer. it would increase fire safety without the chemical flame retardant. in fact meantime the old standards still apply, which means most couches sold will continue to come with chemically treated foam and a prop 65 warning label. julie ross, cbs5. i suspect people will be on the east coast not laying on their couches this weekend. >> no, no sitting around there. this is a big deal for the east coast, sometimes you hear hurricane, miami, tampa, jacksonville, charleston, south carolina. this is new york city. this is boston. this is atlantic city. i will be watching that all weekend long as will cbs news in new york city which may be right on the gun of hurricane. here is what we have going on right here, showing you not
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only a landing plane. and the city of million people. current temperatures outside we're looking at upper 50s, liver moore was 60. downtown san francisco and oakland two of our warmer spots. 62 and 64 respectively. strongest radar in town is high depth doppler. cannot find a drop of rain fall. we will be dry tonight. we will be dry tomorrow. we will be dry for several days. you'll wake up to the 40s tomorrow morning in napa, not as cold as this morning. ill it will be a little bit below normal. 51 in san jose. you'll wake up and start your weekend here. high pressure built in yesterday. we cleared the skies up. now high pressure is exanding and moving to the north. >> with northwest flow of air wrapping around, we're going to very much dry air, lots of sunshine and even in late
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october some of -- some of you may make it into the low 80s for three straight days starting tomorrow with high pressure in that spot. it moves inland on monday. you want a strong area of gulf pressure up in the gull you are. and won't make it here until wednesday that's kind of important because wednesday is halloween may be a soggy halloween this year. if that low pressure area continues to track in our direction. it looks pretty wet. mainly sunny, though, beautiful mild q3 end, beat, we will stay rain free all the way through tuesday we are trending weather for halloween and let's get through the weekend. it's going to be nice. oakland 4 degrees above average. concord 3 degrees above average. 157 jose high. you'll top out at 74. morgan hill 77. campbell 75. antioch approaching 80 also close to 80 degrees for liver
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moore and pleasant. 72 santa rosa. saw know ma, 76 term. berkeley 72 san francisco degrees. if anything a couple degrees milder. we'll stay warm on monday. the cooling trend begins on tuesday as that pressure gets close and by hollywood evening the showers move in shower likely on thursday clearing out on friday. a rs >> thank you, paul. i'm sitting in for dana tonight because she's at a very important event. >> i love -- yeah. >> she looks gorgeous. she was misstress of ceremony benefiting the museum. the gala was held tonight at the palace hotel, proceeds from the live and silent oaks will
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support no as extradition. >> we'll be right back. stay with us.
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beverage cart to roll throua few times... and you'll hear s you send a couple of guys out on the golf course. and then you'll hear some pretty wild stories and then there's this story. players had an orange county golf course say they saw a two panderly bard shark suddenly fall from the sky. the surprise landed on it 12th 12th hall started flopping around right in front of them. eventually somebody took place. >> i kind of felt lad i went in the kitchen daughter a gumming we put it in the bucket and i drove right down on my break. she's identify it. so it survived. >> the course is possible two miles away and there were a few fung which you are wounds on the shark's finn to believe that a burden may have copped -- scudded out of the florida this was no bite size fish.
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>> oh, certainly not. well, giants are hoping the gold whether won't cool them down. the club left san francisco this morning with a comfortable two zero lead. games 3 is tomorrow night, along with gay four, and game 5 is can'ted on monday. expected to be in 40s at first pitch tomorrow night. one of the nhl lockout and the giants you can't cool them down ,,,,
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hitter for game three of the world series.... wayne stare clock... they'll need those sweatshis tomorrow night, with tempers expected in the 40's for fit pitch.... it's only going to
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get colder as the night goes on...tigers manager, jim led thinks a l .. temperatures are expected in the 40s. it's object to the form going to get colder as the night goes on. thanks a little home dug out advantage will kelp the goaders we have heaters for both game or notly. you can't be worried about how cold it is. after heartly in 34 degrees and i wanted and slight been and i can throw the ball pretty dwell that night. i don't expect weather is going to be nice of a weather. i'm not thinking hasn't what it is i'm going on the map. >> it's cold for the fans, beer, it's great, enjoy it. today, tae they've cancelled all their games for november, so they're playing in russia for the screen pretty past. it's in stable ton
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provisioningy team went two to over. they'rest nateing they're going to lose over $700. they seem to get it together. >> i kind of like minor league hockey games. >> i do. >> a little more cloud here. >> you have to sane fran disco bulls. >> you're things in town, it's a good thing. >> it's good that the giants are still going and may having the drama. kind of makes it fun to watch. >> yeah. i'll hit it again. >> what the came looking off. i'll tell take a quick look. remember- the news is alwayn
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